Maximum Nozzle Capacity 200 l/h
Maximum Oil Flow 400 l/h
Maximum de-aerating capacity 16 l/h
Maximum operating temperature 60°C
Max./Min. operating pressure in feed line +0.5 / -0.6 bar
Filtration 100 – 150 micron
Pump connections 1/2″ male thread
Tank connection 3/8″ female thread

Tigerloop Twin De-Aerator


  • Doubles the deaeration capacity in one easy to install, perfectly balance twin unit.
  • Eliminates the potential risk of leakage by eliminating the need for a return pipe.
  • Reduces the flow of fuel, preserves the quality of the oil.
  • Less dirt/sludge is transported in the system.
  • Better combustion, reduces oil consumption.
  • Solve the problem of nozzle dripping causing soot build up.
  • Satisfied customers = reduced time wasted on call backs.
  • The installer save time and money through easier installation.
  • Tigerloop© is TüV, UL and cUL approved.
  • Comes complete with filter bowl and filter element in box (re-placement elements available)
  • Comes complete with wall bracket in box

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