Tigerloop Original

Tigerloop Original De-Aerator

(OFCERT License No. 2181080901)

The Tigerloop original deaerator is for external mounting only. This device is not permitted for indoor installation as it vents contaminated air into its surrounding environment, this could create explosion or health hazards in confined spaces and therefore must be fitted on the outside wall of any premises. For situation where the boiler is not mounted to the perimeter wall, use an internal mounting de-aerator, such as the Tigerloop BIO or the Tigerloop Bio Combi.

A Tigerloop makes a one-pipe system possible for all types of oil heating installations helping to ensure environmental safety, cost effectiveness and reliability.


 Max Nozzle Capacity 110 l/h
Max Return Oil Pumped In To The Tigerloop 120 l/h
Max Flow 230 l/h
Max De-Aerating Capacity 8 l/h
Max Operating Temperature 60 Celcius
Max / Min Operating Pressure In The Feed Line +0.5 to -0.6 Bar

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