The new Tigerloop makes each installation more safe and efficient

The new Tigerloop comes not only with a new fresh appearance, but also an improved technical design. The reliable new design offers increased capacities while remaining the cost effective and environmentally safe choice.

Oil de-aeration has been made even more effective thanks to a unique design solution in the new Tigerloop. A patented float system has lead to an increase in de-aeration capacity from 6 to 8 l/h, which means air entering the system is more effectively removed. The superior  de-aeration of the Tigerloop ensures that oil passing through the oil pump to the burner nozzle is completely air-free. This allows highly efficient  combustion without dripping problems leading to soot build up.

A Tigerloop installation will achieve better fuel efficiency through lower oil consumption The high de-aeration capacity together with a new patented anti-foam system ensures that oil will never leak from the Tigerloop even when, for example, running the oil tank to empty.

AS AN EXTRA SAFETY PRECAUTION an additional security chamber has been designed in the new Tigerloop with a safety float. If something should fail in the Tigerloop, oil will flow into the upper chamber causing the safety float to seal tight. This raises the level of safety to an even higher standard ensuring that oil can never leak from the Tigerloop.

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Tigerloop Combi Bio

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