Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below a Q&A on why you require deaerators on your oil heating system.

Q. Why does gas build up in the oil line?

A. Gas will automatically be released from the oil when pressure in the oil line falls below the atmospheric pressure resulting in a vacuum (negative pressure). The quality, temperature and viscosity of the oil will also play a determining role in the amount of gas released. The higher the vacuum the more gas that will be released.

Q. When is there a vacuum (negative pressure) in the oil line?

A1. When oil must be drawn up from a tank lying below the level of the oil pump gas will be released. The higher the oil is lifted, the more gas that is released.

A2. Gas is also released when friction in long oil lines causes a vacuum (negative pressure) to build in the oil line. The higher the friction, the more gas that will be released.

Q. Why do pockets of air/gas form in oil lines?

A. If the dimension of the feed line is too large(too coarse for needed oil flow) gas pockets will develop as the siphon effect is lost.

Q. How does air enter an oil feed line?

A. Air will enter the system if the feed line is not 100% tight in all connections or if the tank is run to empty.

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