Max nozzle capacity: 110 l/h
Max return oil pumped into the Tigerloop®: 120 l/h
Max oil flow: 230 l/h
Max de-aerating capacity: 8 l/h
Max operating temperature: 85°C
Max. / Min. operating pressure in feed line: -0.6 to 0 bar

Tigerloop Auto

Tigerloop Auto 2 is the perfect solution for de-aerating the fuel line before it reaches an auxiliary heater. When fuel is drawn from the fuel tank, or from a separate tank, air/gas bubbles are automatically released from the fuel. It is this air that causes problems for the fuel pump and ultimately for the heating system. The only way to ensure that the air does not travel to the heater is by de-aerating the fuel.

The Tigerloop Auto 2 automatically and continuously de-aerates the fuel by venting the air to atmosphere. This proven method of de-aeration ensures the best possible operating conditions for the fuel pump. By providing air free fuel continuously to the heater, the Tigerloop Auto 2 ensures trouble free performance at the highest possible level of efficiency.