Advantages of a Tigerloop®

- The optimal solution for reliable, environmentally safe and cost effective oil heating

- Only the amount of oil that is actually burned will be drawn from the tank.

- Eliminates the need for a return line to the tank.

- De-aerated, gas-free oil to the burner.

- Reliable heating operation

- No dripping from the nozzle

- Less soot build up

- Higher efficiency / cleaner combustion

- Reduced oil consumption

- Easy trouble shooting as flow of oil is visible in Tigerloop®

- Lower flow of oil

- Less sludge in the system, reducing risk of nozzle and filter clogging

- Better oil filtration

- Extends life of filter insert

- Less soot build up

- Eliminates risk of dirt/sludge being released from tank

- No risk for return line leakage

- Eliminates potential environmental damage

- Easier installation

- The working temperature of the oil pump is used for pre-heating the oil to at least room temperature.

- Eliminates problems associated with cold oil.

Tigerloop Original

Tigerloop Bio

Tigerloop Combi

Tigerloop Combi Bio

Tigerloop Plus

Tigerloop Twin