Tigerloop - Deaerators

Tigerholm Tigerloop is the original deaerator. Oil lines that are under negative pressure will have gas and air that need removing so that the oil burner runs clean and efficiently. The Tigerloop BIO and the Tigerloop BIO-combi can be installed in side the building where as the Tigerloop-Original, Tigerloop-Combi, Tigerloop-Plus and the Tigerloop-Twin must be installed out side the building.

Whilst taking air out of the oil line all the Tigerloops act as a two or twin pipe system that allows the oil burner to lift the fuel as much as twelve feet over one hundred foot run of 10mm pipe. The combi and plus have built in replaceable filter.

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Tigerloop OriginalTigerloop BiodeaeratorTigerloop CombiTigerloop PlusTigerlopp Bio Combi
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